26 Reminders to Keep It Real, Age 26

In general –

1. Use your brain: question everything, then find answers.
2. Use your body: run, lift, cycle, swim, hike. Add to this list.
3. Use your heart: love freely.

In your personal and professional life –

4. Take the lead, take responsibility, take the blame if necessary.
5. Give thanks, give the benefit of the doubt, give credit where credit is due.
6. Never ask or expect someone to change for you. (We can only really change for ourselves.)
7. Ask instead, “What did I do for someone else today?”
8. Be more inclusive. Exclusivity is the refuge of insecure assholes.

In the mirror –

9. Who run the world? Girls. Who get paid less for equivalent work? Girls.
Be cognizant of socially constructed privileges and handicaps. Let neither define you.
10. Speaking of social programming: The idea that some body types are better than others is bullshit.
11. The perfect body is the one you are in, the one that lets you do the things you love.
12. You can never be anything more than the best version of yourself.
13. So stop comparing.
14. Draw motivation from others, but compete against yourself.

In tough times –

15. You’ll feel better if you do that thing you’ve been putting off.
16. Especially if that thing is calling your parents. They are always there for you.
17. Try your best, and assume that everyone else is trying their best too.
18. When in doubt, choose the option you’d be excited to tell your best friends about.
19. Regardless of the problem, buying more stuff is probably not the solution.

In day-to-day life –

20. Eat well.
21. Sleep well.
22. Be consistent.
23. Be kind.
24. Be fully present.
25. Make every rep count.

If all else fails –

26. Do at least one thing today that moves you towards your goals.


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